Unbelievably sad

Today morning i woke up at 7 am. I was so tired to wake up but i woke up since i hadn't any supper yesterday and my stomach was rumbling like hell. With my eyes half open i brushed my teeth,then took the newspaper and my mobile and went to sit before the netbook. I was so tired but went on to look for notifications in my mobile. The tasker app showed it has no task given so my lazy hands went on to click the app. While i was switching "on" certain tasks, i don't know what exactly i did but after that when ever clicked on something like going to settings or deleting app. etc media player always popped up. My brains came to the right sense. Even when i tried to change the home screen the media player popped up. I had no control over my phone. I then thought the phone crashed so i reboot my phone. It had no change. Gradually i understood nothing can be done unless i reset my Gionee. So now i am using it like when i first got my phone in my hands. It feels weird since my 6 home screens are empty but happy that i didn't had to take my phone to my father or brother.

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