Cell Tower

Every time when i use my mobile, i always come across GSM and WCDMA options. Since i have been using mobile for quite a long time, i know what to do in the mobile settings even without knowing what i am dealing with.
I have been hearing about 2G and 3G from '2G spectrum scam in India' news which went viral around the world. India have been criticised about the corruption going on from 2G spectrum scam to CWGs to Black money in Swiss bank reported by wikileaks etc. from 2010 onwards. All these speculations about 2G, 3G had taken my attention towards it for quite a long time. But i never understood what it was.
I have bought Gionee M2 mobile 3-4 weeks before. It has unbelievable battery backup. My cousin played with my mobile for approx 12hrs with wifi on, and it had approx. 40% charge left to drain. Before buying this i was using LG P500.It was a good mobile, until you switch on your wifi, gps, data connection or played a game, the system works just fine. But whenever i enabled data connection and gps, it doesn't even stay up for 15min. Gionee M2 has excellent battery backup, can connect to internet or gps without any delay, decent display,brilliant sound quality,good 8mp primary camera(2mp secondary camera not used till now),5 inch screen, good OS(android 4.2.2 jelly bean) and don't get heated up while using gps as it does in P500. Because of its huge battery backup I charge it once in every 2 days even after a heavy usage.Apart from this, the most incredible part is that, it just cost 11,949 indian rupees.Trust me it worth it. Its better than buying tablet with low battery backup with bigger display. I was never fond of google play store before i bought Gionee. Since my mobile is awake all the time now, i spend my time installing and uninstalling apps. Only problem till date i felt is that its bit heavy and cannot view the screen from every angle. The second one is not an issue because while you travel in bus or train people cannot view what i am looking at  from their angle clearly.

 My father has dual Sim  Nokia Asha 305. He uses cellone and vodafone sim cards. Whenever someone call him he has to run around the house to get strong network coverage, otherwise the call keeps on getting disturbed. So I was browsing through the internet to get to know what theses spectrums are and i came across this site which tells you about the near cell tower with its name, tells whether the connection is strong or weak AND it even indicates the network rankings in your area. Its good to know which cell tower is near you so that we can buy an appropriate sim card and it is also useful when you use some apps.

Check out the link:http://opensignal.com/


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