Movie Marathon!!

i was informed yesterday that my classes will begin on sept. So i guess  i have to survive another month. Usually vacations are nice, but its not that good when everyone else are attending classes or work. All day i just repeat whatever i did the day before. Its like a loop except ones in a while i go out with friends or one of my parent stays back with me. But again its not exciting. But thinking that this will be my last vacation, maybe in my entire life, i don't want to curse on how bad my vacation is. So keeping my mind positive i started to live fully the rest of my days in my state.
It was night and monday so my parents weren't so keen on going out and to add on it its heavily raining in my place. We got raining straight 4 or 5 days. Still keeping my mind stay positive i thought of watching movie. Batman, i came up with this movie wanting to watch it. Not just one, i planned on watching batman trilogy. There is no other movie that could brighten up my "night" more than BATMAN. So i sat watching the 3 movies for hours........... God knows how the hell Christopher Nolan comes up with such amazing stories. Time could fly while watching those. Its even hard to tell which movie is better than the other or which character is better than the other. I dont even know whether i like batman better than joker. Sometime i wish batman was for real. When you live in a country like India you just hope for something like that.
Anyways for those who haven't watched batman trilogy, do watch it rather than watching stupid bollywood movies.

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