Just another day

When I came home for vacation, I was hoping to fulfill few of my wishes. One among those was to write a blog a day. Now that is not possible since my bsnl net connection is weak. We have complained to the concerned authority hoping to resolve our problem sooner. Now that is told, I am writing this blog in LibreOffice, writing before everything disappears from my mind. Audio of Vedic mantra with English narration is chanting in the background giving me a pleasant and open mind to write this blog.

The climate is pleasant, it's been raining heavily. It's afternoon and the sun is nowhere to be seen. It seems like evening. I don't know its just me or others experience the same. Rain makes me sad. Looking at it makes me so sad without no reason. I am sad for no reason. I know it sounds stupid. But I do feel like I lost something, even I find it weird.

It's been a long time since I wanted to learn driving. Something or the other always comes in the way. Now that I will be home for near a month, I thought its the best time to learn it. Its my 5th day in class and I already know that I am so bad it. I have to be honest here. The very first day itself she put me in the drivers seat. I don't know what went through my mind that very moment. I totally blanked out. I drove through the heavy traffic and made a small block in the T-shaped junction. I applied both clutch and acceleration. Thank god, the car didn't blow up. I learn in old Maruthi 800.I never thought I will be able to see the front. When I seat in the drivers seat in my car, I can't see the bonnet of my car and barely see the road. This car is so comfortable for me. Thanks to Maruthi Suzuki.
Applying clutch is the worst part of driving in my opinion. Hmm, I just hope safety for all the fellow drivers who share road with me. I say that its better you people get a life insurance. The faster the better. ha ha

So that's it for today. Have a nice and warm day.

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