hey hey guys a good news. 
Reached home at 9 pm day before yesterday(i was planning to post this on 1st aug). Feeling so good. Its over 5 and half months since i came  home.
i took a brief bath and a heavy meal on the night i reached. Got to say that, my mom cook better than anyone i know. In my hostel i used to solely depend on biscuits. To be honest, man!!! now i just hate to say the word biscuits. i tried different companies to keep myself alive. As the days passed by, each biscuit packet i bought stayed with me longer than any books i read.

i travelled via mysuru route to kerala. After the commencement of the college, its the first time i am traveling approx 700 km just with a friend. usually there used to be minimum of 20 of us traveling south. Due to the wide gap between dates of each candidate appearing for the exam, we had to travel in different dates. I am always in the last roll numbers.My heart skips a beat whenever the professors ask question from behind ;-)..

My friend got down 250km away from my home. now u might think the rest distance was covered by me alone. ha ha, nope. My father picked me from there and he gave me company for the rest 250kms.We reached home at 9 in the night. I nearly traveled the entire day(20hrs) via bus and train to my home. I didnt feel tired for a bit. i was happy to be home. i am in my home sweet home....

 i am signing off from kerala(home)
 Gud night

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images etc. So if the owner wants me to remove the above image pls notify me with an email.

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