i dont know if i can call it superstition, but i would definitely call it stupid.
you know wat they say about Santa!right? SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!. hahaaa..
Well, since i was a lil kid i knew Santa wasn't real. And i never understood why kids believed it so badly that Santa was for real. stupid kids!!!;-)

Since its Christmas you might have heard a lot of stories related to Christmas in plenty of blogs. Guys dont worry, i am not here to share anything on Christmas. I am here to tell you how i have been cheated upon by my own father.. i know it sounds scary, but its a stupid story. Trust me on this and continue reading..

So this began when i was studying in 1st or 2nd standard in school. I hope u guys have heard about house centipede!!! My father was super strict when me and my brother we lil kids. Maybe he said this to keep me safe or prevent me from playing in mud or something else. He said a bite of the house centipede could kill a person.damn it!!!! That was a shocking news for me.

From that day onwards i killed all the centipede i saw or shout for my father to come and kill it.Whenever i saw these centipedes in the bathroom, i used to run for life from the room. These crawling monsters where hell fast. I remember killing them with my slippers...I  always wondered if these centipedes where so poisonous, how many would have been dead by this arthropod each day. These centipedes are not that easy to be noticed so fast.

Although i had many doubt regarding these killer machines, i never bothered to enquire with my father  about anything related to it again since i had the trust in him that he would never lie to me..

As the years passed by, my belief in this story too grew along with it.:-) i know what you people are thinking. I am stupid.hahaaa

Few weeks back, i was having this conversation in lift with my friend about superstitions on the way to her room in hostel. And she told me that a bite from these wont kill a person but it would give some allergic reaction to the person.......knowing the ultimate truth, i googled it just to confirm if its true and yes, it was true. Bite of a house centipede wont kill a person. All these year wat i believed was nonsense. i couldn't control my laughter and burst out laughing so loud and so hard...;-) yeah my friend too..:-/

So i take it back wat I said about kids being stupid to think that Santa was for real.;-) have a great Christmas day guys.i know i am late in posting this page. S
o this coming years resolution is going to be - no procrastination. jk. Not gonna happen.


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