Hi everyone...
 It's after a very long time I am blogging.  I don't know what kept me away from blogging.  Few days back I by chance got into blogger account. When I saw the hike in viewership, it made me want to start blogging again.
Yesterday I had a tiring yet an awesome trip with the girls. After a long time we got to go out and enjoy ourselves. We were 20 of us,didn't expect majority of them would come for the trip . Since most of my batch mates are guys, I am more close with them and even if I dine out, majority of them would be guys.  So I felt nice and easy hanging out with the girls for a while.

We made a spiritual or devotional trip (if that's what it is called) yesterday. It was a thrilling experience. We took a bus at 1000 in the morning from the bus stop nearby my hostel.  We got down near the railway station and again got into another bus to our destination. It's not that far away from my hostel.  It took near to half an hour to reach the destination. We first went to temple. The above pic is from there. The temple is fabulously sculptured. You can see many stone works in and around the temple. It's a treat for your eyes.  There is a small river flowing behind the temple. It's seriously not a pleasure for ur eyes. The river side is so spoiled. Though I enjoyed the endless wind which could easily carry me away.
It was after 1400 in the noon. We were so tired from walking and we didn't ate anything in the morning because of the unfortunate food they served in the mess. We searched for a non vegg restaurant as there weren't many  because that place is famous for its temple. After we found out the food and ate chapati and chicken masala it was 1500.

From there we again walked for the church. It was nearby. The church is famous for some miraculous event which took place in ancient times. I can't remember it exactly what it is as I couldn't follow the story.

After sending one hour or so we got out from the place. We found a bus waiting for us. It literally waited for us. For more than 5min bus stopped for all of us to enter the bus parked opposite the road. 

We reached back our hostel at 1630. All the way we had fun. It was a gorgeous day. It didn't rain for a bit. As I am writing the blog its pouring down heavily. It's too cold outside as well. Thank God for making the day perfect by clearing the cloud yesterday..

So that's all to say for today.
Have a fun day.


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