Dental college and hostel

Aspiring to become a doctor I joined a dental college in India. It is one of the best college's in Asia.
Although I always had a dream of joining a college, I didn't realize that the day would come so early. I always had heard from my cousins that, college life is the best days to enjoy.  Hoping my college days to be the same, I joined the college. I have came here for only 2 weeks and I have a butt lots to study. We have many practical classes which always begin with group discussion. So reading is a compulsory work to be done before the class. In school we had the privilege of Spoon feeding, and here no one is there to teach us the way we want. Never knew studying dental was this tough. In school we were allowed to do anything, even criticizing teachers. Since we have a hospital running attached to my college, we have to be perfectly disciplined. No running around the campus, no shouting, well dressed, shoes polished, hair tied properly....... I had never been this disciplined in my entire life. Professors are so strict that talking, back answering, excuses ....... are not allowed. But never got angry since this too is fun in different way.
Mostly what I like about this place is, we have stray pigs , horses , cows apart from dogs running around our city. We all walk together in the roadways.the first few days i was frightened to death walking along with these animals. Then as the days passed by, i got tired from getting afraid. 
The climate here is so good, we almost never sweat.
I always used to depend on my father to get anything done for me. Staying alone makes me do all my stuffs myself. From buying the dental materials to books to medicines to cloths,  I have to run behind all of it.
I had stayed in 2 hostels before I joined my current hostel for 2-3months. But it's for the first time I am sharing the room with seniors. Since ragging is strictly prohibited in the college as well as in the hostel, girls won't get too much of ragging. I am an addition to my room, therefore I am not provided with cupboard, chair or desk. Till I am provided with another room, I have to adjust everything on my bed and suitcase. I haven't brought my laptop since I can't keep it securely in my room.
Learned a lot of things in the last couple of days. Learned to adjust with the surroundings and people. Learned to respect my seniors,if i don't do so then i don't think i will survive another year. Getting up whenever you see a senior is giving me a good exerciser. Learned to adjust with the food and climate.
i Dont know what all i will learn in the coming days of my life.........


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