Weird Dream

I started my day reading an article about an elephant rescue in the newspaper, the rescue wasn't successful since after hours of struggling the elephant couldn't withstand all those pressure it went through and it finally had to die. Anyways!! the  news came with lots of photos and it almost covered a whole lot of space. This news sort of fascinated me due to the lot of importance the editor had given to this particular news, which i talked about to a couple of people.
The story actually starts here. It was 3 in the afternoon and after studying for a while i was so sleepy and i thought i would take a nap and wake after an hour or so and i kept the alarm on. After correct one hour alarm went on and i woke up, but due to the warm air and tiredness and as any others would do, i woke up and put the alarm off and went to sleep. And this is when all those stupid  things happened..........

Once upon a time there lived a girl who has absolutely no idea how to drive a car but she did in her dreams. So on a fine morning she took the car and went out thinking she would have some fun. She was driving through her neighborhood  and she suddenly heard a screaming voice - "run for your life". She didn't had no idea what was happening and this made her more uncomfortable and frightened and lot of other feelings which were very hurtful. To know what exactly was going on she turned behind and what she saw was not at all what she wished to see when she was thinking about a nice long ride. It was a giant, furious, killer machine- it was an elephant. It was running so  fast that it seemed like a tornado approaching you which is destroying whatever that came in front of it.
She didn't know what to do but exactly knew she wont have much time left if she stays in the car even for a nano sec. She grabbed all her guts and throw herself out of the car and ran as fast as she possibly could have, even in reality. She ran into a house and asked the family whether she could hide there and she disappeared behind the walls from the killer. After few Hours, she went outside to see whats the situation outside and to know whether her parents are all right. What she saw was bewildering,- the elephant was trapped. She saw it trying to move left and right but all in vain. After him trying to escape from the trap the tried, injured and the miserable elephant finally died. And then the most weirdest thing happened which shouldn't have happened even in dreams,
So many children gathered around the carcass and they suddenly began to sing the national anthem. In my dream it was so sentimental that I( meant she) felt like she have a huge hole dug in her chest which was kept on stabbed deep inside.
She went inside the strangers house and slept for hours.She did not know what made her so tired but she slept like she was dead, "a hundred times dead than the elephant was".
One morning she woke up and went to see whats happening around so she turned on the t v and switched to news channel. To be honest no one was in that house nor did it look like it was preoccupied by someone else.
What she saw in the news was shocking. All the channels were reporting about her missing case.She saw a person describing about her and him trying to escape from the elephant and how she went missing from him.
She was worried and didn't know what to tell her parents about what had happened to her which she clearly don't have any clue about. Due to serve tension i felt i accidentally woke up.
I know this story doesn't make any sense and you are quite not happy with me and that's all right since i felt the same with me too.I wish i slept a little bit longer that i could completely see what i went through and what happened to me after i got out of the car and who put the trap and why the hell did everyone sang the national anthem.


Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images. So if the owner wants me to remove the above image pls send me an email.


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